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National Arhives

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The documents from the National Archives were never digitized in full extend. In many European countries beginning from the 1960s-70s these documents were photographed on microfilms and in our days these documents can be accessed online by everyone freely. Our main goal is to try and scan as many registers as possible and to make them accessible to anyone who wishes to access them (genealogical family tree researchers, teachers, students, etc.).

Historical Churches

Keep it for the posterity

There are several parishes in Transylvania where there are still kept old population registers. These parishes still could hold family registers that could prove to be of great value. Furthermore in many villages from time to time the local priests conducted “soul counts”, meaning, they registered all living individuals within their diocese. These documents present a priority to us, because these proved to be the most delicate documents and their existence or preservation is uncertain. These documents proved to be the most difficult to be accessed by the researchers.

Other Institutes

What neither we did not expect

Many registers, family registers could exist anywhere: within the town hall’s archives, with important officials, in cultural institutions. These are very delicate documents as well, their future is uncertain because they are not cataloged, very few people at best know about their existence and they could disappear easily without a trace.
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